Quaduino: An Academic Quadruplex-Computer-System based on Arduino

  • Asynchrony Investigation

    With the latest addition, we can now perform asynchrony investigation. The quaduino lanes send a discrete signal to the control arduino, that measures the module time at which the discrete is received via interrupt. Here, computing lane 1 behaves strangely, so we will investigate if that is a bug or any other suspicious behaviour. This…

  • 3D Printing

    3D Printing

    The shuttle from our previous post was printed on a Bambulab X1 Carbon, takes a couple of hours, produces quite a lot of waste material – but gives great results. To save on material, I printed 3 front parts and one aft part at once. You can download the 3D model at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:10228 I printed…

  • Quaduino @ HYMASY

    Quaduino @ HYMASY

    The new hybrid laboratory at the Institute of Aircraft Systems, will make use of the Quaduino approach. Today we took a few pictures of the online part for this laboratory: students can access the experiments via their browsers, program the Quaduino redundant computer and watch the result via WebCam from their homes. I think that…

  • Tag der Wissenschaft

    Tag der Wissenschaft

    We used the Quaduino at the „Tag der Wissenschaft“ . It is part of our institutes booth: Institute of Aircraft Systems. It served as the Flight Control Computer for our Space Shuttle Orbital Vehicle model. So far, the functionality was limited to synchronization, but we expect to vastly improve the functionality for the next year.

  • New Revisions

    New Revisions

    For our new hybrid laboratory, we created new revisions for the Quaduino PCB. This Version 2 had a few bugs: Those were adressed in V2.1: We encountered an issue that may or may not occur – depending on the component quality: Thanks to the work of my colleague, we found, that the issue sits with…

  • Web-based Overview

    Web-based Overview

    When operating and debugging multiple instances at once, I like to have all information in one place – next to each other. Therefore, we implemented a web application that displays the current quaduinos status and internal database information. On the right hand, you can see the webcam image that shows the build and 4 LEDs.…

  • Technical Principle

    Technical Principle

    The Quaduino quadruplex system consists of four individual computing lanes that synchronize and and exchange data. Single Computing Lane Each computing lane consists of an Arduino Mega2560: The software is flashed on each single lane and in principle each computing lane can perform its own services. To allow redundant execution of functions, the lanes have…

  • Quaduino: What is that?

    The Quaduino is a combination of four Arduino micro-controllers that form a so-called quadruplex system. It originates from the lecture „Systementwurf“ held at University of Stuttgart / Institute of Aircraft Systems by Prof. Reichel. Within this lecture, he presents how to design safety-critical aircraft systems and shows one implementation of a quadruplex avionics system. The…

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