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  • Web-based Overview

    Web-based Overview

    When operating and debugging multiple instances at once, I like to have all information in one place – next to each other. Therefore, we implemented a web application that displays the current quaduinos status and internal database information. On the right hand, you can see the webcam image that shows the build and 4 LEDs. […]

  • Technical Principle

    Technical Principle

    The Quaduino quadruplex system consists of four individual computing lanes that synchronize and and exchange data. Single Computing Lane Each computing lane consists of an Arduino Mega2560: The software is flashed on each single lane and in principle each computing lane can perform its own services. To allow redundant execution of functions, the lanes have […]

  • Quaduino: What is that?

    The Quaduino is a combination of four Arduino micro-controllers that form a so-called quadruplex system. It originates from the lecture „Systementwurf“ held at University of Stuttgart / Institute of Aircraft Systems by Prof. Reichel. Within this lecture, he presents how to design safety-critical aircraft systems and shows one implementation of a quadruplex avionics system. The […]